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Motorhomes come in many styles and sizes. Whatever type of motorhome you have, it will almost certainly be bigger than the car you drive on a daily basis. It may be that you are an experienced motorhome owner, but have moved to a bigger motorhome, or you may be a complete beginner. My courses take place using your own motorhome, and can start where you store your motorhome or wherever suits.

I currently work with The Camping and Caravanning Club to deliver their motorhome courses . For further details, click on the links below.

Many people who book motorhome training sessions do so because their partner has always done the driving, and they want to know how to drive the motorhome in case of emergencies, or to share the driving duties on longer journeys.

The courses are customised to suit your requirements, and are on a 1:1 basis or 2 people can be trained at the same time. I can travel to where you store your motorhome and arrange the course from there. Quite often I meet customers on the day they are collecting their motorhome and the course starts after the dealer has conducted their handover.

Licencing laws, the implications of driving a larger vehicle, the implications of driving a left hand drive vehicle in the UK (if your motorhome is left hand drive of course), loading your motorhome safely, all the different weights including MIRO, payload, axle weights, MTPLM, gross train weight, overhang, VIN plates stage1,2,and 3, up-rating, down-rating, tyres, speed limits, mirror set up, towing with a motorhome, driving on all types of road, reversing and leveling on site.

Just tell me what you want to get out of the training sessions and I can tailor it to what you want. If you are not sure what you want, give me a call, even if you just want some advice, no obligation.

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