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Many drivers have areas of their driving that they lack confidence in, and as a result, intentionally avoid these situations. This may be the result of a bad experience that they have had on the road, a change from the roads they usually drive on, or perhaps not having received adequate training when they learnt to drive originally. Click the link below to find out more...

The most common areas of concern for many drivers include:

· Motorway driving
· Dual carriageway driving
· Roundabouts
· Parallel parking
· Bay parking in car parks
· Busy town driving
· Adjusting to driving an automatic vehicle having been used to a manual vehicle
· Adjusting to driving a bigger vehicle than they have been used to
· A loss of confidence in their driving following an accident , not perhaps their own fault

The simplest way to address these problems is to have some refresher training. Over the years I have helped many qualified drivers who have lost confidence in certain areas of their driving and helped them to regain their confidence.

If you feel that you would benefit from some refresher training, please contact me to discuss your concerns.

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